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Casa Ceiba & Ceiba Suite


This exclusive condominium complex is located next to La Madera Beach, right in the heart of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Built in what was an old coconut grove, using a mix of traditional and tropical Mexican architecture, these condominiums are in perfect harmony with this lush tropical garden among the large shade trees to cool off your afternoons.
Casa Ceiba offers absolute tranquility and personal attention in an excellent location, the perfect rentals for long-term stays in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa, Mexico.

The style of architecture of Casa Ceiba can be defined as Tropical Mexican Traditional, leaving large, shady open spaces around the garden and pools, which gives each condominium a cool fresh garden breeze.
Many natural materials from this region are used in the finishing touches. Exotic woods, rustic looking adobe walls, palm leaf thatched roofs, tile roofs and detail work of hand-laid river stones are all used in combination to give these condominiums a mix of traditional and tropical flavor.

The design includes built-in furniture including sofas, night stands, kitchen service bar, beds, counter space and beautiful hand painted sinks. Outdoor living space includes a balcony or terrace area for a wonderful relaxation or dining experience. This gated community of condos provides tropical surroundings that are peaceful and secure.